US EB-1C Green Card

Receive your US EB-1C Green Card within three years, secured and for a much cheaper price than any high-risk EB-5 Green Card offer.

US EB-1C Green Card

Applicant invests in 1 Bulgarian Government Bond financed through us, and holds it for 60 months. Bulgarian permanent residency is provided within 6 months.

Applicant becomes an Executive / CEO of a subsidiary of a listed Bulgarian company. This company will then establish a new subsidiary in the US after 12 months.

Applicant gets transferred to the new US subsidiary as an Executive / CEO via the US L-1A Visa. The application for the US EB-1C Green Card will then be submitted within the next 12 months.

Applicant receives Bulgarian citizenship about 5 years after receiving Bulgarian permanent residency.

Total Fee in EUR
Time to US EB-1C Green Card
30-36 months
Investment in EUR (Refundable)
All-in Handling Fee in EUR (Non-refundable)

Procedure Bulgarian citizenship by investment program

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Document preparation

Should you wish to proceed with an application, you would sign a service agreement to allow our associated immigration law firm in Bulgaria to commence the application procedure. The firm will gather all required application documents from you and will open a bank account in Bulgaria in your name.

Investment funding and / or payment of all-in handling fee

You will be asked to transfer the investment amount and / or the all-in handling fee to your bank account in Bulgaria, or pay the insurance premium if you choose any of our Life Insurance products.

Visa D application

You have to apply for a Visa D at any Bulgarian embassy / consulate in your country of residence, which will be issued for you within three to four weeks.

Permanent residency application

Using the Visa D, you travel to Bulgaria to apply for permanent residency status, which is completed in one day. This is the only time where travelling to Bulgaria is required.

Approval letter for permanent residency status

After four to six weeks, the Bulgarian government issues and sends an approval letter, granting you with permanent residency status. In case you would like to receive a plastic permanent residency card after being provided with the status, you have to travel to Bulgaria for a second time to pick it up. Note that most of our applicants do not pick up their plastic permanent residency card, as the permanent residency status is granted via the approval letter issued by the government.

Citizenship application and passport

After 12 months in permanent residency status, if using the fast track option, you may file for Bulgarian (EU) citizenship. There is no requirement to live in Bulgaria during this 12 months’ period.

Approval letter for citizenship status

Up to 6 months later, the Bulgarian government sends you the approval letter which confirms your Bulgarian citizenship. You can travel to Bulgaria to pick up your Bulgarian (EU) passport, or you can opt to visit the Bulgarian embassy / consulate in the country of your residence for pick up.

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